Widening the lens on the reasons for involuntary childlessness

There is a discussion in parts of the Community of adults without children. Childless and or child-free.

This is of course an important conversation for us to have as we become more visible to wider society, in order to help them aswell as ourselves. The narrow view reported by the media is that, for women at least, to have not given birth is either selfishness or career driven decision-making. In most cases this is distressingly untrue. Few see the times when science can’t ‘fix it’, the relationships that don’t survive the pressure of trying to conceive, the ‘multi-layered’ modern family, the elderly parents that are cared for full time, the medical issues. The list is long.

There are as many reasons to have one or other status but society currently initially sees us as not-parents, not families even. We’re not on the inside of the culture so we can feel on the outside. But this will change, is changing and we can play our part in that.

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