When I see dandelions it puts me in mind of many things, as well as a feeling of reflection. These are just a few………

I see it move in slow motion, gently, quietly, peacefully. Like the internal feeling I hope to have one day when I have come to terms never knowing my not-born children.

Dandelions are of course associated with time passing, a subject so close to all our hearts. As a child I would have great fun playing ‘clocks’. More time imagery. And that, sadly, reminded me of one more thing I would not be passing on to my children. The games, songs and traditions of my youth.

Many a fanciful wish would have been made, with eyes closed for good measure, never to be revealed to another soul [otherwise it would not be granted, of course] before dispersing the seeds into the wind. Perhaps I should have saved a few of those wishes for later years when much bigger ones went unfulfilled.

The musical notes however, are lyrical and have an air of ‘life’ to them. They have movement. Something I have struggled with on many levels whilst grieving but hope to change. Music is something I would certainly have shared with with my children just as my parents shared it with me.

There is actually a recently released record I love called Dandelion by one Kacey Musgraves which shares some of these thoughts. You might care to give it a listen.

The seeds of the plant are blown away, to be lost forever like our dreams or, perhaps, like the seed of a Plan B, to land somewhere and grow into something positive. This image of a dandelion is both past and future.