Hello, my name is Kerry and when I first realised I was not going to have the children I had hoped for I was angry at first that I had, just prior to that moment, thought I was going mad. Grieving for something that had never breathed life. Only to then find out I was not the only one, by a long way. 1 in 4 women of child-bearing age have not given birth. Yet where were we all? We are 'hidden' within our own culture  and dealing with others' often intrusive questioning was exhausting and stressful.

Well, if society didn't 'see' us we could at least see each other. Connect and make friends, support and learn from experts. All in a safe, compassionate space where we would not have to explain ourselves.

2016 was our first year and a completely not-for-profit success. The response was so positive and energising. It was very moving to see the transformation emotionally and in some cases even physically. I really hoped the momentum would continue for all those individuals and our community as a whole.

And here we are. On the brink of another fantastic milestone. A joint gathering for women and men who are juggling the rest of their lives while trying to navigate their childless journey. Women and men who get it. Join us.


Conference Founder

Hi, my name is Kerry and I am childless-by-circumstance. By default I am also excluded from aspects of our society which is very child/parent orientated. It's like getting derailed from the journey that my parent friends have carried on along. If I don't have children what is my purpose from a societal perspective?

The initial chosen title for last years inaugural Conference was 'We are Many'. This stemmed from a wish to not be reduced to what I am NOT, but rather to recognise what I AM........ and I am MANY things.

WE are many things.

We are MANY in number, personality, interests, wisdom, talents.....

And we HAVE many ambitions, hopes, skills, connections to others......

If you have any questions or concerns no matter how small, please do get in touch.

Join us on Saturday October 14th 2017 in the UK